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Rogaine Reviews

Hi Everyone, thank you for coming to my little website dedicated to Rogaine Reviews!

In this post I will be sharing my personal experience and review of Rogaine Hair Loss Treatment without any false promises and all the unnecessary hype which isn`t really necessary.

First off, for anyone thinking about buying Rogaine hair regrowth products or another hair growth remedy, I will highly recommend that you check out Provillus for Men and Women first.  I will explain my thoughts later in this post, but just take my word for it and click on the link to see for yourself…

Anyway, here’s my story about why I recommend this, and hopefully it will help you to decide for yourself…

Losing Hair and Going Bald In College!?!

I am a 25 yr old college student, and I’m quite an active sports fanatic and club scene junkie. A couple of years ago I noticed that my hair was getting thinner and thinner, and I noticed that my hairline was starting to recede. After a few months I realize that I was facing a SOCIALLY DAMAGING ISSUE. I was getting bald!! This problem makes my active sports and social life stuck and limited. I was so embarrassed.

Rogaine ReviewsBoth my father and grandfather have hair loss & baldness, and so it’s expected that I would have the same issues. So, I made up my mind to do something about it before it got worst. I did NOT want to see myself bald, and I am still not even 30 and the worst part I don’t have a girlfriend yet!

If you can look at my head carefully, you will notice my hair spiked in the middle of my head. To cover my hair problem, I decided to change my hair style. I cut my hair short and made a spiky hair style. Maybe some of you have it worse than me. I had a senior year student in my high school that was completely bald. I know that I have it better than some, but I still want my hair back.

So I Googled it and came across a site that had an herbal supplement for stopping hair loss and re-growing hair back. If I compared to other products I’ve used, this product worked below average. I don’t even remember what the product was called and it only helped stop the hair loss a little. It didn’t help thicken or grow my hair back. Also, I remember it was quite expensive too.

Rogaine FoamNext, I tried the famous hair loss treatment product called Rogaine. The cost was actually pretty reasonable, and to use this product, I just needed to apply to the balding area. If I remember correctly, I used it for about 7-9 months and actually I did see some results. It stopped my hair loss, and it also slowly started re-growing my hair back after about 5 months of using it.

Issues With Rogaine…

What made me unsatisfied with Rogaine was that it took a long time to dry after applying the foam or topical solution, and caused me really bad dandruff and skin irritation. Besides, my hair didn’t get thicker. This was really embarrassing for me because I actually love to hang out with my friends and I LOVE to wear black shirts. It’s not cool to have dandruff or hair loss or thinning hair when you’re in your 20’s. So, because of the dandruff, and just seeing small results, I decide Rogaine is an average product, I moved on…

Provillus For MenProvillus Worked For Me!

Once again I Googled it, and read few forums and hair loss reviews about a product called Provillus. This product is also quite hot in the market now. It has an herbal supplement and a topical treatment.

I started using Provillus and saw results within about month and a half! I got amazing results after using Provillus, and I did not have dandruff or skin irritaiton, my hair grew back and my hair got thicker. Besides that I noticed my hair was actually starting to grow back over the curves where it had receded. I haven’t had hair on that part of my head since high school!! It’s the best product I’ve found so far. The cost is average. If something works better than average for me, I don’t mind paying for it.

Rogaine ReviewI am not sure if there is just one company that sells Provillus like Rogaine, or if there are multiple manufacturers, but I can tell you where I got it from. Here is the site that I got it.

There is more information there too I’m sure. So, that’s my “biased” review of Provillus. I hope it will help you on making a wise decision. Don’t waste any more money and time. Get your hair back right now!!


With that being said, the following is a little background on Rogaine…

Rogaine is a brand known for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. One active ingredient of Rogaine is the Minoxidil, a vasodilator medication renowned for its ability to prevent or even stops hair loss. Minoxidil enters your scalp to rejuvenate follicles, thus reviving your hair.  It gives a boost to reducing hair follicles and grows their size to reproduce thicker and bulky hair over time.

RogaineAt first, it was used as medication for high blood pressure, on the latter part, it was found out to have an interesting side effect. It causes increased growth body hairs. It was then that it was used by Upjohn Company to medicate baldness or hair loss, established with the brand name Rogaine. With Minoxidil, Rogaine contains potassium channel opener, causing a manic divergence of cell membranes. Rogaine was the first and the only FDA approved brand used for baldness treatment, (although effectiveness of Rogaine may lessen if there is a wide section of hair loss). Rogaine uses 2% of Minoxidil concentration for women, and 5% extra concentrated for men and can be bought over the counter.

Hair loss is caused by heredity, hormones, aging, and Androgenetic alopecia or the shrinking of hair follicles.  Rogaine treats and prevents these factors to worsen. Most people experience extreme hair loss or hair thinning, and it is best to take preventive measures. Rogaine foam helps reverse the fast sequence of hereditary hair loss, and with Minoxidil, it is clinically proven to re-grow hair. It is sold and is available without prescription. It is seen more effective if used as remedy during the early stages of hair loss, and shows sufficiently impressive results.

Rogaine is a clear alcohol based solution directed to be applied on the area where there is hair thinning twice a day. The solution is commended and is endorsing two strengths: the regular which has 2% Minoxidil, and the extra strength that has 5% Minoxidil present. As per statistics and surveys, a Rogaine user that applies regular strength has 30-40% claimed success, and 50-60% individuals achieved effectiveness with Rogaine extra strength. With these results, it is still essential to be aware that Rogaine is not a cure for baldness but prevention instead, so Rogaine is always recommended on the early stage of hair loss or thinning. Rogaine can’t grow hair on completely hairless scalp, but it helps delay active hair loss.

Rogaine, being an endorsed medication by most doctors for advanced hair thinning, is also reported that its effect can weaken. It was observed by some dermatologist that patients using Rogaine for many years increase tolerance and immunity of the said solution. Some users also reported scalp irritation, dandruff, scalp itching, and hair shredding at the first part of the treatment although you should not be terrified coz it means the medication is taking effect. Since Rogaine is an alcohol based solution, it may develop skin rashes or irritation; it may also cause dizziness and palpitation because of too much usage.

Most of us consider our hair as our crowning glory. We spend extra bucks just to groom it, making it shinier and healthier. But what can we do when we start to lose it? Thankfully, we have science that brought us solutions like Rogaine.

Provillus for menWomen Provillus


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