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Understanding Rogaine Foam Side Effects And Applications

If you are dealing with baldness, you may wish to consider treatment options like Rogaine (also called minoxidil). However, medications can sometimes affect people in ways that they do not expect. Before taking care of your baldness issue, here is some important information on Rogaine side effects and its applications.

Rogaine Foam Side Effects - MenThe exact reason that minoxidil works to restore hair is not fully known. However, it can be very effective for some people. It is applied to the scalp usually two times a day. Make sure and use only the amount that you are instructed to use. There is no need to place a great deal of medication on your head, as it will not improve or quicken the results.

If you are expecting an “instant cure” for baldness, you may be disappointed. It can take several months of daily applications to see results. In addition, once you stop using minoxidil you may lose your regained hair growth over time. This means you need to keep using minoxidil for long lasting results.

Minoxidil is not for all types of hair loss problems. For example, if one is losing hair in patches (as with some autoimmune conditions) minoxidil may not help your problem. In fact, you could be wasting your time and money. Minoxidil also may not be effective for men that wish to fix a receding hair line.

Some women may be able to use minoxidil with good results. However, it is important for pregnant women not to try minoxidil. This can have effects on an unborn child. It should also be avoided by women that are breastfeeding.

Rogaine Side Effects - WomenMinoxidil can affect some people in adverse ways and there are several Rogaine foam side effects that one must be aware of. However, most problematic side effects are considered to be rare. Some people may notice skin irritation after applying minoxidil. This may result in stinging or burning sensations.

Minoxidil can raise heart rate and effect blood pressure in some people. Your doctor should be aware if you are taking medications for hypertension. People currently using other topical medications for their scalp should make their doctor aware of this. If you have heart or circulatory problems, it may be best to avoid this medication.

In rare circumstances minoxidil may cause problems like dizziness. If you feel faint or notice that your heart is beating irregularly, you should seek medical assistance. Also, seek medical help when you have swelling of the feet or hands or difficulty in breathing. Fatigue and weight gain may occur but these are considered to be very rare symptoms associated with minoxidil.

Although you may find info online about minoxidil and sexual side effects, they cannot be substantiated. When you have decreased sexual desire or suddenly develop performance problems, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible. Some men have reported sexual problems after taking minoxidil in higher doses than recommended. When you need help with hair loss, you may find many benefits with minoxidil or Rogaine. However, you should always know what you are taking and completely understand Rogaine side effects and applications before using it.

Rogaine Reviews

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